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Importance of rest and recovery

It will do its best.

It'll put patches on cuts and little muscle strains. It'll up the adrenaline and cortisol levels to keep the blood flowing to your heart and body.

But one day it won't be enough.

It's like a house that's not been maintained properly.  Yes there's the odd lick of paint on the woodwork and that slipped slate gets pushed back in a bit of cement slapped on the pointing by the chimney. You keep your hair cut and you dress well and put your make-up on.  But that's just the outside appearances.

The inside is what's really important. The next thing you know there's dry rot and the joists are falling in and the walls come tumbling in (sorry if I've used that analogy before, lack of imagination!)

And this is the same with your body. It all mounts up so that one day you go to stand up after shaving, and your back goes.  Just like that.  You didn't do anything.  You can't think of anything you did the day before.  There's no reason for it.

Except that there is.  There always is.  Whether your back muscles have just got weak through lack of use or by being used wrongly.  Whether a virus is making its way around while you're immune system was busy just keeping you awake.

Rest Enough

Ok this is serious.

If you don't rest enough your body can't heal itself. It can't keep up with all the maintenance and it will fall apart.

Your body and mind need time to rest and recover

The Importance of Rest and recovery

If you don't rest, you can't recover

According to all the different analyses of circadian (or daily) rhythm, western or asian, almost all repair happens at night.  Physical repair between about 10pm and 2am and mental and emotional repair between about 2am and 6am.

So sleep. Allow time for repair. Especially if injured or ill.

Sleep Enough

But that doesn't mean that just getting a good night's sleep is enough.  You need to protect yourself from further injury while you repair.  So that means taking time off from the activities that could slow things down.  That means strenuous, stressful activities.  How strenuous?  Well if it hurts, if its hard work or even if you just know (and this might be well hidden in you hardened athletes!) you're not firing on all cylinders.  Exercise should be fun and you should always feel absolutely up for it, otherwise do something else!

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