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Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments including genotype & biomechanics

Neurological Integration System assessment

Individual Nutritional, Exercise & Lifestyle Plan

Teach the principles of healthy living and aid understanding of your own health & fitness

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Continuing Support Plan

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Yoga & Qi Gong

Yoga & Qi Gong


Yoga is not about stretching individual muscles; yoga poses counterpose one another so that every muscle is both stretched and contracted during a practice.  Yoga particularly improves the muscle tone and endurance of postural muscles but also improves the flexibility and extensibility of the power muscle groups.

Yoga poses demand that you stay fully focused on what is happening in your body as you move and stretch into the posture.  You can observe yourself at a deep level, seeing changes in your body, breath and mind as a posture progresses. Stretching is not about reaching goals and pushing limits but about finding space and letting go of tension. This forms the meditative aspect of yoga and means that you avoid injury as you keep careful attention on your body and the pose.

Qi Gong

Qi (Chi) Gong is a method of body work from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Qigong freely translated means Energy (QI)- Work (Gong), and is a holistic method that brings physical, spiritual and mental aspects of compensation. Qigong is a method of self-health and personal development, which grew for millennia and has become more and more refined.

Qi Gong practice activates, strengthens and regulates our breathing; our body and our mental attitude become harmonised. This harmonization will be achieved if we focus our attention during the moving Qigong exercises fully on our body and, what we, in the given moment and in the here and now, are doing and in turn what we are experiencing.

Silent exercises and meditation are further steps in Qi Gong, which leads to mindfulness about the level of self protection or aura. So we enhance our holistic attention, through development of our feeling, thinking and doing in a unit which is characterized by the harmonious interaction of physicality and psyche with our spiritual mental area. Qi Gong strengthens the flow of life energy QI, because it in turn follows our attention.