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Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments including genotype & biomechanics

Neurological Integration System assessment

Individual Nutritional, Exercise & Lifestyle Plan

Teach the principles of healthy living and aid understanding of your own health & fitness

End of course Re-assessment

Continuing Support Plan

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct method of healing that seeks to promote health by stimulating and supporting the body’s inherent powers to regain harmony and balance.

It follows three basic principles:

the body possesses the power to heal itself

disease is the result of the body attempting to remove obstructions to its normal functioning

disease affects the whole, individual person - body, mind & spirit

The naturopathic practitioner seeks to increase the vitality of the individual and to educate the patient in the long-term attain,et and continuance of good health. Osteopathy complements naturopathy perfectly as the structural and mechanical component of the treatment.

Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves

We all know that if we cut our finger the body instantly starts to get to work on the damage and within a few days healing has taken place. We take this for granted. But actually this is amazing, and the same process goes on inside the body.

Throughout our whole lives this innate healing or self-correcting ability is striving to put things right.

Why then do we get illness or disease?

If we neglect to look after the needs of our body its ability to heal itself is impaired. Just as we need to look after our cars so that they don’t break down, the same is true for us. But how many of us take as much care about which fuel we put in ourselves as we do about which fuel we put in our cars!

What happens when something goes wrong?

Many of us suffer from complaints that are not regarded as serious but have a big impact on our lives. We may have skin rashes, or bowel complaints, women may get PMS, men may be bothered by increased difficulty passing urine due to benign prostate enlargement or we may feel tired a lot of the time – but isn’t this normal, doesn’t everyone?

The answer is no. The human body is designed to work efficiently without these minor ailments.

Actually these ailments are trying to tell you something, trying to tell you that something is out of balance.

How do you discover what the problem is?

There are only three places to look:

     1.     Your body chemistry

     2.     Your body structure

     3.     Your mental or emotional self

What you eat and how you eat affects your body’s make up or chemistry.

You may have heard the saying “you are what you eat”. And this is very true.

A builder goes to a builders’ merchant for the raw materials to build a house; our bodies rely on you putting the right raw materials in at the top end in order to build a healthy body!

Not only what we eat but how we eat is important. For example, if we eat when we are angry or stressed the food goes through our systems much more quickly, not giving us much time to absorb all the nutrients.

Our bodies struggle to function properly if we become out of balance structurally. For example, if we don’t use our upper backs and chest properly because we are slumped over a desk most of the day we can develop lung problems such as asthma.

Our thoughts and emotions also affect our health. For example, if we get up–tight about an exam or a job interview we may feel our abdomen go into a knot, this tightness will affect how well we are able to digest our food. We may get diarrhoea. If you are constantly under stress you may be prone to diarrhoea or loose bowel motions more of the time.

These three areas, body chemistry, structure and emotions are not separate. As you can see from the above examples they all affect each other. The amazing part is that when you bring these areas back into balance the symptoms simply disappear. Symptoms are only an outward expression of an inner imbalance.       

Naturopathic treatment complements the osteopathic treatment of musculoskeletal problems,  but is also of particular benefit in:

Respiratory disorders

Digestive disorders

Pre-conceptual care & Pregnancy

Depression and anxiety



Skin problems

Candida and parasites



What Therapies does Naturopathic Medicine Use?

Dietary advice & nutrition

Neurological Integration System




Cranial Osteopathy

Exercise & relaxation


Bates Method for Better Eyesight

Energy Medicine

Emotional Management Techniques



Acupuncture & Dry Needling