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Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments including genotype & biomechanics

Neurological Integration System assessment

Individual Nutritional, Exercise & Lifestyle Plan

Teach the principles of healthy living and aid understanding of your own health & fitness

End of course Re-assessment

Continuing Support Plan

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Optimise Your Health & Fitness

There is a wealth of information available on diet, nutrition, exercise and how to live your life. We are bombarded every day in newspapers, television, in magazines, online and even in your email in-box.  Everyday, a new piece of research contradicts what was the definite answer only the week before.  Often, the same piece of research is presented in different media with different recommendations:

     To eat fat or no fat?  Saturated or unsaturated or monounsaturated? Omega 6 or Omega 3?

     Meat or vegetarian or vegan?

     Gluten-free? Low carb? No starchy carbohydrates? No sugars?

     Or (Sorry, but I love this one!) no starchy carbohydrates ever (e.g. potatoes) but must eat two cooked      then refrigerated potatoes daily for indigestible Resistant Starch?

     Organic or not-worth-the-money? Or free-range? Or grass-fed?

     Too many eggs?  No dairy? Must drink milk? Soya? GM Soya? What milk can I drink?

     Acid/Alkaline balanced diet?

However, for the vast majority of people it is really very simple:

Eat a varied diet of nutritious food

Get enough rest and relaxation

Take regular exercise

Of course if you suffer from certain health problems (illness, disability, dysfunctions, food intolerances, food allergies) it can be a little more complicated.  However even for you, the general rules still apply, you may just need more help in some areas.

But which foods? What exercise? And how much?

At Fit-to-live, we aim to show you simple guidelines to follow. Just take a look at the following pages:

Eat Enough

Move Enough

Rest Enough

Live Enough

In the Resources section, you can find more detailed information about our recommendations and the research and evidence behind them.

And by joining us on one of our Fit-to-Live Holidays you will learn and practice everything you need to know!