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Client Comments

Thank you all so much, Julia

"Julia is more than just an osteopath. She is observant and intuitive and uses massage, kinesiology and cranial sacral therapy to enhance her osteopathic adjustments. I have found her treatments very helpful and have on many occasions recommended her with great success to students who come to my yoga classes. "

Jackie Le Brocq Yoga teacher -  contact 01683 220981 for classes in Moffat and Dumfries and one to ones")

 I have been a client of Julia for a few years . she puts me through my paces for all my aches and i always come out feeling a lot better.  It is never a problem to get an appointment if you need another one at short notice .  mike is always their to greet you  and make you feel most welcome . I can highly recommend the practice.

Andrew Caven

"the treatment I received at your practise was second to none. The methodical approach and time spent identifying the problem was time well spent. I would highly recommend you to others as I have received first class treatment as have some of my friends."

Hi Julia,

              As you know ,I'm a fan and I'm still thrilled to be able to walk upstairs properly after years of having a spine that wouldn't play ball with my legs.

             I've never looked back but should I ever have even the slightest twinge, I'll be on your doorstep in double quick time.

                                              Janice Byers(57 year old ,slightly arthritic female!).

To whom it may concern

I have been attending Julia Williams Osteopath on a regular basis over the past 2 years. I have found the organisation from reception to professional advice and treatment to be excellent. Julia is the ultimate professional in her approach, her attention to detail and her diagnosis and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others without reservation.


Derek Oates Penicuik

“Julia and her team at Integrated Health have been invaluable for me and my family. Seven of us in my family regularly go for treatment from Julia with age ranges between 6 months and 68.

Since 2007 she has been a lifeline for us for the treatment of pain, sports and work related injuries and infant osteopathy.


For my two sisters having Julia treat their very young babies is a sign of the trust we place in her. We shall all continue to use Integrated Health, and will continue to use and recommend services from there.


We feel very lucky to have such a skilled and committed practitioner in our small town, and our local GP also sees the benefit of the Integrated Health service, often advising us that this is the best place to go for the resolution of back related ailments.


The final thing to say is that I am happy to be contacted personally by any potential patients who would require a reference or recommendation for this excellent practice.”

James Wheatcroft, Moffat

My daughter, aged 5 was suffering from severe problems with her bowels for which we had attended numerous doctor and hospital appointments, unfortunately with not much success.  We live in Moffat and had heard good reports about Julia Williams, who is based there so I thought I would take my daughter along hopeful of some sort of help for her problems which she had had for over a year.  We visited Julia on numerous occasions over the period of around 9 months and found her to be very helpful indeed.  She was very easy to talk to and was great with my daughter who obviously felt very relaxed around her.  Julia suggested I gave my daughter a natural remedy to help her and performed various techniques on her posture etc during these appointments and now, to our relief, her bowels problems have all but vanished.  I would thoroughly recommend Julia Williams to anyone.

I first went to see Julia about 4 years ago with severe lower back pain which turned out to be a lower disc out of place.  Julia was very thorough in checking me over and when this was discovered she done everything she could to sort it out.


I had several sessions with Julia each of which were a great help, after extensive treatment and advice my back became better.


I still go to see Julia about every 4-6 months just to make sure everything is still in place and as it should be but also because I weight train and play basketball, therefore my back can take a lot of strain.


Every time I've been to Julia I have recieved nothing but a professional and friendly service, I would highly recommend anyone to visit the clinic who suffers from any kind of back pain.


Julia always make every effort to help you in anyway she can and is always willing to pass on any advice that she can offer.



Wamphray, Dumfriesshire.

Visiting Integrated Natural Health is a pleasure.  The practice has a friendly, caring ethos and Mike always has a warm, cheery greeting.  While I was waiting for a hip replacement, Julia worked with me for a considerable time to help keep me on the move, and afterwards gave me an exercise programme to assist my recovery.  Thanks to her help my progress was amazing and I was very quickly fully mobile again.  She really does work wonders.  I have recommended the practice to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.  Keep up the excellent work folks! 

Dorothy Logan, Dumfries

I visited Julia halfway through a rugby season having been struggling for a number of weeks with a sore shoulder.  I was unable to lift my arm past 90 degrees and was generally in a lot of discomfort.  After a brief discussion and investigation of my shoulder Julia identified the main problem. She then gave me exercises to complete to rectify the problem. I continued to do these exercises in between visits to Julia where she adapted them as my shoulder improved and targeted each muscle through massage and manipulation.  I made a full recovery and was actually better and stronger than before.  Many many thanks, I don't know what i would have done without you.

Stuart Jack


Julia has been very helpful in dealing with my daughter's neck injury following a road accident.  She offers useful advice, effective treatment and ongoing care.  She is very professional yet friendly and caring.

"Having suffered from severe leg pains for many months and received no relief or diagnosis from my GP I was given Julia's name, separately, by two friends. Julia, within the first session, deduced the probable cause of discomfort and was instrumental in both providing treatment and in having the matter referred for more in depth medical attention." AN

I attended Julia on the recommendation of a family member, after a lot of humming and hawing on my part. I had nondescript problems with my back/neck/ shoulders...was feeling very restricted in the movement around my upper body and was beginning to think it was the beginnings of old age. The initial session identified that my issues were rooted in a fall I had had about 2 years earlier. After a few sessions, I felt that my posture had returned to what I considered normal....and I was so pleased to realise I was not old!! I regularly attend Julia now for maintenance of my posture and for my own general well being. Over the past few years she has fixed my knees, diagnosed and fixed a dislocated elbow ( which I thought was a sore wrist) and osteopathically ( if there is such a word) supported me though gastic banding surgery. I find her knowledge about the human body, how it all interconnects and functions as part of the whole to be encyclopaedic, and her practical skills of massage and manipulation to be of the highest order.  

I recommend her to any one who has a 'sore bit'...if its 'agony' or just 'niggling a bit' Julia will get to the root of the problem and where possible set you straight.

Anon, Dumfries




                                YOURS FAITHFULLY

                                                                 MARGARET PHILLIPS


                             YOURS SINCERLY

                                                           HAROLD  ( MOFFAT )

Julia’s sensitive and thorough approach has brought real positive improvement to the chronic back problems I’ve had for many years. I have visited many osteopaths over the years and none has achieved the lasting results that she has.

 Janet (Moffat)

"Very impressed by my experience. Professional service. I have every confidence in the treatment received and I would have no difficulty recommending to others." Anon

Hi  Julia,

Any time we have to come and see you about our backs (Wulli more than me).

He has been truly satisfied with results, both from you and the french girl. I

would have no hesitation in recommending you and your colleagues.

Myself, I love the feeling of being 6 " taller when I get my shoulders massaged.

       Yours sincerely

              Janet and Willi Lowther

' Julia and her team have been great - I do a high mileage and also stare at a PC a lot which she tells me is not good for my ageing and abused (used to run a lot) back. She has been great at sorting it out despite what I do to it. She explains patiently and doesn't tell me to rest. A very effective professional and refreshing service. She has also sorted my daughter and wife out when they have bent backs knees shoulders' Anon from Lockerbie.

“Janet, Mary Ann, our daughter and I have been treated for a variety of back ailments by Julia over a number of years. Indeed there have been times when an emergency appointment has been necessary and Julia has managed to squeeze in a visit into her very busy schedule.

We are always impressed with her ability to sort out our problems and with such a friendly and cheerful manner.

All my family thoroughly recommend Julia without any hesitation.” 

Robin Bell-Irving, Lockerbie.

 I have found your treatment excellent, right from the first session, and continue to do so. I definitely find the tinnitus reduced, and changed in pitch, and because of this, am hopeful that it will eventually respond completely to your treatment. The dorsal pains are also alleviated, thus giving real hope of an eventual solution.

 I have no problems with recommending you unreservedly to anybody else in need of professional attention.

 Yours sincerely,


"I initially went to Julia to try and reduce my pain and tiredness. She worked with me over a few weeks explaining my weaknesses and showing me how to improve things. She encouraged me to improve my posture whilst driving, which helped immensely. I now understand my condition so much better and feel much more 'in control' of what I can achieve and how best to go about everything on a daily basis.  I now just go to see her intermittently as and when I am aware things aren't right and she straightens me up and sets me off again.  It's been like a new lease of life!"

I cannot put into words how highly I would recommend Julia and the team! Thank you for all the pain relief over the last 3 years. RR

Integrated Health has quite literally saved my life. I suffer from a chronic lung condition, and it is a wonderful asset to be able to walk into the premises every two or three weeks for a variety of treatments. Thanks Julia, Mike, Florence and Jill! ER

A huge thank you to Julia for her professional expertise and magical healing hands in helping me to recover from a serious squash injury. Not only did Julia have me walking out of her practice after I limped in, she provided me with an exercise programme which enabled me to go on a pre-booked skiing holiday just six weeks later. RA

Julia and her team offer an first class service, between Julia and Florence they have treated all my family (from the baby of the family to the granny) and would have no fears in recommending them. The whole team put you at ease as soon as you walk in the door. It is so nice to have this excellent service in the area. LM

Hi Julia, loving the new Facebook page. Thanks for all your fantastic treatment on my running injury. I mangaged to run my first half marathon last week and can't wait for the next one! MA

Just though I would leave this message to say thanks for all the great work you all do at your practice. I have been to various chiropractors and osteopaths over the past 20 years and with most of them you are in and out in less than 10 mins. They seem to be more interested in volume of clients rather that the care of their patients. The care and service I have received from both Julia and the practice have been first class and that is why I travel an hour in the car to go there instead of going to a local practice in my own town. Thanks again Andy

Julia you are a true miracle worker and I can't thank you enough for helping me. It's always a pleasure to visit your friendly practice even if Mike's shirts are sometimes a bit loud, it all adds to the unique service you provide. Keep up the fantastic work folks! RL

Another fantastic treatment, good nights sleep, thank you very much. Brilliant as per usual x NH

That is the best back treatment I have ever had


Thanks so much for helping mum at such short notice - she walked out and has kept on walking...



Just brilliant. I am smiling again



Magic. I think you may be a witch



Thank you! Rosie is a changed baby. So settled and happy.



All the children are really well, but wanted to let you know that Thomas’s hearing is definitely better - he can hear us whisper now.  Thank you so much for helping them all.