What's Included?

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Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments including genotype & biomechanics

Neurological Integration System assessment

Individual Nutritional, Exercise & Lifestyle Plan

Teach the principles of healthy living and aid understanding of your own health & fitness

End of course Re-assessment

Continuing Support Plan

    Weight Loss Program

So much more than just a military boot camp or fat camp, our weight loss programme incorporates detailed, tailor-made one on one consultations and on-going support to enable you to achieve both your short and long term weight loss and health goals.

Set in the beautiful Charente-Maritime countryside of western France, which makes your healthy holiday experience a daily pleasure.

Use the program to learn the best way for you to lose weight, build confidence and develop your on-going lifestyle plan for the future (including continuing support at the level you require).

You will leave us:

toned, strong and full of energy

knowing how to eat to lose weight effectively

an expert on your body and how it moves

with a diet and exercise plan for the future

Your Personal Prescription Plan

Whatever your age, shape, size, abilities or past experiences, together we formulate your Personal Prescription Plan.  We assess your body type and composition, level of fitness and personal goals and design your plan for your stay with us.  This includes:

Your Diet & Nutrition

What you eat is the most important aspect of weight loss

Type & quantity of foods you should be eating for your body type

Addressing food intolerances, hormone and insulin imbalances

Our aim is not only to help people eat more healthly and with a much higher nutrient intake than the average western diet, but also to show how it can be achieved on a day to day basis at home.

Exercise & Fitness

Exercise boosts metabolism & accelerates weight loss

What sort and how much exercise for your body type

to achieve your desired fitness and burn fat

Physical Treatments

you have to feel good to make changes

Neurological integration - to reset your body control systems

Massage and lymphatic drainage - to tone muscles and shift excess fluid

Osteopathic or physiotherapy treatments - to resolve limiting injuries or physical discomfort

Reflexology, Hydrotherapy, Kneipp Therapy

Beauty treatments such as facials, manicures or body scrubs to improve self confidence and esteem

Lectures & Discussions on Nutrition, Exercise & Healthy Living

Planning & producing quick, healthy, easy meals

The whys and hows of different types of exercise

How to deal with excessive or negative stress

Many of the activities work well in groups and so we run regular courses throughout the year, but as you follow an individualised plan, you are welcome to join us at any time.  

Use our weight loss program to kick-start your new life (before that important date, wedding or job or most importantly for your health!)