Mentoring & Distance Coaching

Change position or activity at least every hour

Take regular exercise that you enjoy

During repetitive tasks: vary rhythm and take frequent breaks

On long journeys adjust car seats and take regular breaks to stretch and move around for a short time

Pace yourself with heavy work and take care when lifting

Watch your children’s posture - they shouldn’t spend too long at a computer or carry bags on one shoulder

During pregnancy, osteopathy can help your body to adjust to the changes taking place

For more tips...

(bruising, sprains, strains)

Remember PRICE

Protect from further injury

Rest stay calm, lying down is usually best, wait for any spasm to subside

Ice apply anything cold for 10 minutes

Compression use a support bandage or cushions if needed

Elevate an injured limb to reduce swelling


  How to Avoid Injury


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You will leave your holiday with all the information and motivation you need to continue your new lifestyle.  

However, it can still be hard to cope out there in the real world.  

We encourage our participants to email us weekly for four weeks after your holiday so that we can offer help and guidance.  

We can continue that help or offer more frequent contact as part of our distance mentoring program.

We also offer a stand-alone distance coaching program.

This can be a Clinic-based program consisting of an initial course of one to five clinic consultations backed up by regular email, telephone or skype consultations. For more information, please visit the Clinics page.

Or solely by Skype and email consisting of an initial course of three daily hour-long Skype consultations.  Your Personal Prescription Plan is then compiled and delivered to you.  This is followed by a further three consultations over the following week or so and regular email contact thereafter for four weeks:   Standard cost: £1,200.

Please contact us for more information.