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Initial health status, fitness and functional assessments including genotype & biomechanics

Neurological Integration System assessment

Individual Nutritional, Exercise & Lifestyle Plan

Teach the principles of healthy living and aid understanding of your own health & fitness

End of course Re-assessment

Continuing Support Plan

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    The Neurological Integration System

But from time to time, stresses to your body (whether physical, pathological, neurological or emotional) exceed our individual tolerances.  This is when your body will start to show symptoms of pain and/or illness.  If too many of your tolerances have been exceeded, your body sometimes loses track of what is going on. This can be thought of as a broken circuit - your brain is no longer in full communication with certain aspects of your body function.

The Neurological Integration System, or NIS, uses a set of prioritised tests and treatment protocols to determine and address those ‘broken circuits’. This may include contacting acupuncture meridians, using the meridian pulse points, asking you to move parts of your body or touching different joints or muscles.

It helps your osteopath to identify underlying causes that may be producing your individual symptom pattern and relevant integration protocol will ‘reset’ your body circuitry and optimise your function.  Your body will then set about healing itself.

NIS is a completely safe and pain-free. It does not involve any drugs or manual manipulation and is suitable for all ages. www.neurolinkglobal.com

Your brain controls optimum function of your body through its neurological circuitry.

It is constantly receiving information from every facet of your body, and in turn sends back ‘fine tuning’ messages, many times per second.

This means every cell, gland, organ, muscle, tendon and meridian is constantly monitored via these circuits to your brain.

For example, in the event of injury or infection an army of white blood cells and other factors are instantly sent to the site to seal it off and start the healing process.

What is NIS?

NIS is a fantastic tool for delving deep into the root causes of conditions.  Health is more than the absence of obvious disease.  It is dependent upon the individual and is a reflection of a harmonious interaction with our environment - both internally, within our body, and externally.  

Dysfunction in one area invariably leads to disruption elsewhere.  All functional areas of the human body - the musculoskeletal system, organ function, hormonal balance, the immune system, emotions and behavioural patterns - are monitored and coordinated by our central nervous system.

The Neurological Integration System reveals disturbed communications between all our body’s systems and enables a "reset" of the normal connections. Comparable to an update for a troubled operating system of a computer, only many times more complex!

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